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Jan Erik Lundstrom, Sweden-April 2010--ref252
Jan Erik Lundström

Text wrote by Jan Erik Lundström, director of the BildMuseet and independant curator, for the SOLO SHOW of Jean-François Bocléa at Art Brussels 2010 art fair (with Gallery Nomad Brussels).
Jan Erik Lundström was invited at the fair by Art Brussels and Gallery Nomad Brussels arround this SOLO SHOW. JEL presented "Boat" at the 1st Thessaloniki Biennal en 2007 and in a solo show of JFB in the 1000m2 of the Bildmuseet (Sweeden) in 2008. A catalogue copublished is under construction.

Boat is a boat and is not a boat

Boat is a boat and is not a boat. It is what it is and it is not. It is full, thick, ripe, solid contingency and it is swift and smooth and agile transcendence. It is the possibility of movement, of escape, of transport, of travel, of setting sail, of voyages, of drift; it is a fence, a roadblock, a terminal, it is out of the wind, a place where all come to rest, a waiting room, a suspension and a deferral.

Boat is a vault, a prison, a crevice, a ravine, a memorial, a grave. Boat is a sanctuary, a haven, a refuge, a home, a bed, a caress. Boat is to remember and to forget. Boat tells of loss and failure and carelessness and greed. Boat tells of miracles and care, love and survival.

Boat speaks with mild melancholy, immeasurable rage, with careful concern, resolute and unclenching obsession, with ease, gravity, infinite sorrow, with relentless agitation and unstoppable wrath. A kiss, a slap. Fire, ice. Intimacy, distance. A forest, a glade. Island, ocean. We shall overcome. Stand up for your rights.

Boat leaks. Boat heals.

Boat is singular, undivided, whole. Boat is repetition, redundancy, reiteration. Boat is one and many, you and me, us and them. Boat is inviting and forbidding, solitude and society, unbreakable silence and hardly bearable clamour.

Boat is the history of capitalism, of colonialism, of consumerism, of trade and mercantilism, of civility and terror, of privilege and injustice, property and abandonment, of protest and emancipation.

Boat is the void, the end, nothingness, closure. Boat is a voice, a song, a speech, incantation, a manifest, a poem; a breath, a heartbeat.

Jan Erik Lundström

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