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Art & Deal-Dec 2016, India-# 66-ref571
Art & Deal

Indian art magazine, New Delhi, India
#66, December 2016

"Colombo IN Colombo", article by Rajesh Punj, art critic and curator, about the culinary performance-conference Colombo IN Colombo and the work of Jean-François Boclé.

Rajesh Punj and Madeleine Filippi curated "Colombo IN Colombo" (4th Edition of the Colombo Art Biennale, December 2016, Sri Lanka ; general cuarator : Alnoor Mitha).

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Seeing space as “public and private, space as protest and contestation, space as tangible and imagined, as community, memory and legacy, space as architectural, performative, temporal, spiritual and rhythmic, space as liminal and ritualistic, space as embodied and meditative, and space as virtual and transcendent.” Scrutinising space Boclé sees it as much a liberty as a liability.

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